About Us

In 2017, two friends Elena and Ciro, set out to make healthy living and organic food accessible to all. In order to do this, they needed to search far and wide for the very best products, at the very best rates, from the very best distributors. In a small office and storage space, their dream began to grow. As their dream was met with interest and intrigue, the once small business started growing from 2 employees, to 10. They now have this website with hopes of continuing to reach more families around the world. 


Located within the Netherlands and the United States, they wanted to ensure that not only were they responsible and eco friendly, but that they built relationships with vendors that were so much more than just business transactions. Elena and Ciro’s mission is to ensure that precious mother earth continues to nourish little ones and lasts for may years to come. 


While the focused has remained on products being offered for little ones, the goal of 2021 is to increase their product line, continue to partner with amazing companies worldwide, ensure prices are meant for everyone, and grow their company to connect with more families globally. 


Their promise to you is to ensure that the products you receive meet high EU standards while providing the very best nutrients for your family. Stay tuned as they expand their inventory!